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We are spiritual beings living in a physical world it is very important that we know that there are negative forces as well as positive forces that will present to us things to chose. God our creator has a Manuel in place that can help up to understand how to get the best out of life and it let us know who our true enemy really is.
You will find helpful information and answer to the following questions:
1. What is my purpose & who is my source?
2. Who is my true enemy and what methods does he use against me?
3. What is my enemy purpose?
4. What can I do to avoid his traps?
5. Where can I find help and a way to get the best out of life considering the mess I've made?
6. What to do when you feel helpless and hopeless?
Many times in life people will chose to do something out of a selfish motivated reason and see themselves in the wrong later. However the thought about the wrong should include the damage and pain that were cause to others. In this manuscript you will find information that will help with a true assessment of who you really are; how to let go of the painful memories of the past whether they were caused by you, or you did something that wound someone else. use what you have learn take your stand and be the best you that you can.

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