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This text is a philosophical discourse of creativity and conceptuality, both in theory and in practice. It brings together the theories of some of the biggest western thinkers of all times, from Descartes and Nietzsche to Baudrillard and Derrida, on one common point, Nothingness and the Other. It aims to present creativity through several different dimensions by bursting the cultural bubble in order for the reader to gain a vantage point of view from the outside. It tackles both the issues of creativity in life as well as art, at the same time as it puts them into practice. Visually, it contains part of a collection that is linked to this text on all possible levels and should serve as examples. The technical Drawings are also included in order to help you follow through the entire process of their construction. Graphically, it will demand that you read it from slightly different angles and will force you to trace the words through different pages in order to help you to add your own sense to it. On the other hand, the book does not demand a reading in the strict sense of the word. One single page could make you re-evaluate everything.
All I, the author, ask of you, is to make this book your own. Use the white spaces to write on. Use it as a sketchbook, use it to squash bugs, use it to level the dinning table.

R. Tavakoli

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