Darkness To Light With Hope
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All these years while my children were growing up, it was too difficult
for me to talk about my past. The immense terrifying madness that had
erupted in history, and in the conscience of humankind was too painful As
my children grew up they started to ask questions about their grandmother
and grandfather. Finally I told them a little history of the war in Europe.
The Nazis in Germany set out to build a society in which there simply
would be no room for the Jews. Toward the end of their reign, their goal
changed; they wanted to leave behind a world in ruins in which Jews would
never to have existed. The Germans everywhere in Russia, in the Ukraine,
and in Lithuania, carried out the Final Solution by turning their machine
guns on more than a million Jews, who were not only killed but were
denied burial in a cemetery.
It is obvious that the war, which Hitler and his accomplices waged,
was a war not only against Jewish men, women, and children but also
against Jewish religion, Jewish culture, Jewish tradition, therefore Jewish
memory. Yet having lived through this experience, I could not keep silent
no matter how difficult, if not impossible, it was for me to speak. I had
many things to say, I did not have the words to tell them. How was I to
speak of what happened without trembling, heartbroken for all eternity,
The hunger—thirst—fear—transport—selection—fire—chimney.
When it came to tell them, what did happen to their grandparents,
aunts and uncles, no words came out of my mouth, we all started to cry.
In 1974, November I was given a testimonial dinner for serving as post
Commander of the J.W.V. in Orangeburg New York. The editor of our
town’s newspaper came to our house to interview me knowing that I was a
Holocaust survivor.
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