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Reflections never fade they are only transparent and every time you look deep enough into your heart you never see what you really want but only a reflection and in due time your true desires would show itself to you and no longer be just a transparent reflection. Every day we make the connection by touching. It becomes a growth process where we learn to understand one another; those contributions that we make are the distinct pieces of ourselves…those things that expand our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
The experiences of today are just more stumbling blocks I must succeed in order to venture anywhere closer towards my endeavors; the objective is more than just making it. It’s turning a bad situation around in order to create something worthwhile.
Remembering—instills the desire to think about those pleasant things that at one time enriched our lives, feeling ---touches upon the core of what had existed, reminding the heart of all that was---and all that is real. These things enables a person to understand what was then and what is now. Instilling the sense of direction towards what is to come. Being---is the acknowledgement of oneself. It is a measure that characterizes not only the structure of that individual. It also focuses on set reservations and intent upon one’s life.

In this book we will come to know one another, we’ll come to learn that as well as the world revolves around us, so do we evolve around each other.

LeRon Easley

LeRon Everett Easley began writing in an effort to assist others who were literally challenged in order to help them construct emotional packed letters to their family and loved ones. He envisioned how distant people were apart from one another within those relationships they shared and created a tool that would empower people to communicate what he believed that others felt inside.
LeRon Everett Easley is a man who rose from the pits of a correctional facility, having obtained a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management. His passion has been to write various expressions based on thoughts, feelings and emotions and expressions that would give interpretation to what many of us would feel deep within our hearts.

Winnifer Wilson

Winnifer Wilson was born in Dayton Ohio Jan 22, 1959 under studied at South Western Business College.
“I’ve always wanted to write Poetry or songs after the death of my youngest daughter with my granddaughter the pain was overwhelming so it encouraged me to put my pain to use. With LeRon Easley being my biggest inspiration. (Who is the author of this book) to help target our young adults who are the future for us all to stay in the right path of life, stay in school, stay focused and be yourself.
With the help of my mentor LeRon who has helped me focus and think clearly about the things that I have endured in my life. One thing to remember in life is this – Everything that you have went through and still going through makes you stronger even though it may seem like it gets worst at first.
My hope is that one day all children will be able to create their wonders and live out their dreams.
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