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Becoming a leader should be one of the greatest ambitions a person could ever have. Leading other people seems to be such an honorable thing, which has potential to elevate one’s status with prestige, honor, and so on. It is so true that I will spend my lifetime to encourage you all to go for it, to fight with your soul and spirit—except with your body—to step after Mahatma Gandhi who was able to lead India to its independence using non-violent fight—in order to reach this mountaintop. However, it is not without prices and responsibilities. It seems that a leader’s responsibilities are greater than his rights in such a point there is nothing to gain in leading other people. It would have been better to be led than to be leading. So leadership would bring more pain to a leader’s life than satisfaction. However, as leadership must be about serving others and the spirit of service leads to greatness, it is good to aspire to become a leader. Now, what does it take for one to become a leader? Responding to this question will be all our endeavors in writing this book.
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