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A Miracle for Tony Clements
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A Miracle for Tony Clements

is a funny and touching look at a young man’s coming of age. But growing up isn’t easy for Tony Clements, a young man who wanted so much to follow in his father’s footsteps. His father died a hero, gunned down in the line of duty along with his partner while shooting it out with a band of bank robbers. Tony gallantly stepped up and sought the challenge of a police career, but Tony can’t do anything right. His hopes to be like his father are dashed with every step, and his dreams of being a superhero turns to nightmares.

As his darkest hour draws near and he’s on the verge of being fired from the job he loves, a helping hand arrives. God has ordered that Tony’s wish should be granted and sends help in the form of Bill Higgins, his father’s partner. But Bill Higgins wasn’t your ordinary policeman. He was a notorious practical joker during his lifetime and that sneaky little habit carried over to his days beyond the Pearly Gates. It was Higgins’ sense of humor that spelled his downfall in the eyes of God. Selecting St. Peter as his target for a number of practical jokes brought down the wrath of the Chief, as Higgins calls God and he’s sent back to earth to help Tony.

Tony meets, and reluctantly accepts, his new partner for what he is; a ghost with an outrageous sense of humor. Tony’s partner begins to make things happen and works hard to help the young man believe in himself. Suddenly Tony can do everything right.

He arrests burglars, bank robbers, and drug dealers. He risks his life to save a fellow officer and finds he’s really become an overnight hero. Of course, along the way young Tony falls in love and asks his partner for advice. Bill Higgins isn’t pleased to learn that his pupil is also unskilled in the ways of love. His suggestion for curing the problem brings bolts of lightning from the sky and he suggests that maybe Tony should just let nature take its course.

As the time for Bill Higgins to leave comes closer, Tony is given a look at his mother’s future. A future that will give her the happiness she’s missed for so long. The following day he’s a part of a reunion and witnesses an event that brings tears to his eyes and puts a lump in his throat. He stands proudly onstage as he’s recognized for his outstanding accomplishments. His mother and future bride openly weep as he humbly accepts the accolades. When it’s over it’s time to bid a fond farewell to Bill Higgins and receive one final tribute from a ghostly procession.

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A Miracle for Tony Clements - James Lilley

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