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I wrote two previous books about my home town of Grinnell, Iowa, a nostalgic-historical approach. I have done something similar here with "Memories of Cornell College, 1957-1962", it is also nostalgic-historic and I reflect on my time at Cornell, some memories pleasant enough, others not so pleasant. In one of the final scenes of "Cambridge Spies", a non-fiction BBC presentation of the story of a small group of privileged Englishmen who betrayed their country and the Allies and spied for the Soviet Union from the 1930's - 1950's, Anthony Blunt, one of the men in question and Professor of Art History at the University of London at the time, was walking down a busy London street. Someone who recognized him said, "Mr. Blunt, I believe. Yes, you were at Cambridge with Philby, Burgess and McClain. How are they? Went on to bigger and better things, I imagine?" Blunt hesitated, then smiled and replied, "Yes, bigger and better things." At the time Burgess and McClain had just escaped to the Soviet Union, Philby was in the process of catching a midnight steamer from Beirut to Odessa and Blunt was to be revealed, then stripped of his Knighthood and ridiculed publicly. The men I focus on in this book were not spies; in fact one, Captain Ron Zinn lost his life in a firefight in Viet Nam in 1965 and another, Colonel Jerry Huml served in the RVN twice and had a distinguished U.S. Marine Corps career, but, yes they all did without question go on to bigger and better things - things which make Cornell look very good. Dorr, Zinn, Robison, Beamer, Weeden, Sunderlage, Hilmer, Taylor, Huml, Altenberg and others- yes, bigger and better things! This book is about life on the Hill Top over 50 years ago, as I saw it, and its impact on me later.

Dave Adkins
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