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Spacestation ARK is a business/ government. It becomes a master at harnessing the full potential and productivity of its over one million inhabitants thus becoming the most profitable corporation in the world and also the world’s newest superpower. The Arkians, with the help of thinking computers, have taken on the responsibility of funding new businesses and creating jobs for millions of jobless people throughout the world. Their computers control weaponry with their unique capability of annihilating whomever they wish.

The employees enjoy open sex, recreational drugs, and a chance to function in every role that anyone can imagine (president, senator, physician, lawyer, actor, musician, artist, engineer, judge, model, athlete or even a mountain climber). Their medical technology has become so advanced that they are about to become immortal.

The ARK Society precedes the story of Spacestation ARK by thirty years, it is about how three people helped make the ARK a reality. This book is the blueprint for the coming of age of our new technology like the development of new types of businesses, including solar power and electric cars; the invention of sophisticated training machines that make our present educational methods absolute; the creation of an affordable medical structure and the involvement of the full citizenry in a true democratic political system. The thinking computer becomes their “Plato Philosopher King”.

It’s not the typical romantic love story; yet a love story nevertheless, of a young, beautiful, brilliant, schizophrenic woman, Keiko. A woman who sees what can be and leads herself, Alex, Wendy and the rest of the world into the future of Spacestation ARK.

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ISBN: 9781477180778
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