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Among many warmongering remarks, Prime Minister Tony Blair made a sensible comment once about Iran where he saw no end in the conflicts of Iraq and Afghanistan and war against terrorism, while present regime in Iran is in power. If that is so, then we should ask: what should be done? Unfortunately, there has been nothing on the “tables” except war as far back as our memory will allow. In this book an inexpensive and humane alternative is suggested. This alternative solution is in the conclusion of the book after reviewing a brief history of the region. The most significant point raised here is to reject the notion of the existence of a historic violent conflict between Shia and Sunni. However, emphasis is made about a two hundred year old hatred and animosity between Wahhabi and Shia. In other words a proxy war between Wahhabi and Shia has been going on in the region and American troops could be regarded as bystanders of this proxy war.
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