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“I’m on the road again in my car. I think I’ve been here before – it looks familiar to me. The ocean looks different when the moon hits it at night. Even the road looks longer from the shine. The same mountains and curves, nothing has changed since I last came out this way. Somehow I feel this trip is different though – like it has a reason for my coming. I’m in the driveway now. Lots of cars are here. The house is the same as always. I’m looking up at the window no one is there as usual. I put my key in the door and open it as I walk inside. It
seems like I should know I’m home but this isn’t my house.
It’s always the same feeling and I tell myself maybe tonight will be different. I reach the stairs and there he is waiting for me. His hand is outstretched but I won’t take it – I can’t breathe. I have to leave. I’m in my car now and driving away fast. He’s in the window now looking at me as I drive away.

I can see you standing there in the distance, I know you’re there. I can hear your voice, I know you’re near me.
You are just the way I imagined you too be.”
***I have had this dream since I was 13 years old ***
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