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"Ahmad Sbaiti's passion for history and politics is only exceeded by his love of storytelling. The two combine together in the masterfully told story of Nora and Neal. "
Billye Johnson
Writing Coach.

I would urge anyone to read Nora a captivating novel that transported me to exciting locales during pivotal times in history and introduced me to a world populated by complex characters imbued with relatable human frailties..
Amal Gahoog

Management Consultant

Ahmad Sbaiti is a masterful storyteller. This very complex story comes alive through the eyes of people one can relate to, like and follow.
The love story of Nora and Neal and the history of their families are so engrossing. You are captivated by the story being told, yet all the time learning and enjoying the lessons being taught that weave together centuries of history, politics and religion.
He makes a very turbulent history come alive, and leaves you wanting more.This is a page turner.

Niki McCuistion
Executive Producer/ producer
The McCuistion Program, now in its 25 year on KERA, Channel 13, PBS

Nora and Neal’s lives took two different, yet uncannily similar courses, even though they were born and raised in two places across the globe from each other. They grew to harbor beliefs about each other’s peoples’ religion, culture, politics, hopes and aspirations that were as wide apart as their birth places. When they met at Princeton, it was clash at first class they took together. Then something happened…

Abby Dghaim
Public Relations Consultant

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NORA - Ahmad A. Sbaiti

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