A computer-generated Armageddon, straight out the brilliant and imaginative mind of creative genius Marco Thoft, this exhilarating read depicts the frightening image of the earth’s doom and explores the dark and playful plausibility of technology overpowering man’s capacity and power.

AT MAXWELL CORPORATE UNIVERSITY, five scientists from different creeds and backgrounds working on a military project, attempt to discover the secret for outright creation but find themselves affected by a mysterious cosmic force issued from COMSAT “ANTONOF KARETCHEV”.

The story peaks when four PhD students in nuclear physics and a computer scientist, connected by super-computer TRINITY to a powerful atom-smasher CREATRON, re-enact the exact conditions of cosmic creation or Big Bang from a point outside space-time - inadvertently threatening the small beach resort town of Yapoona close-by.

Added to the novel’s complex plot, is a planetary wobble caused by the gargantuan weight of river damming schemes, removal of mineral deposits and acute oil and gas shifts. The resulting weight list, throwing planet Earth like a marooned freighter, off -balance.

Taking queues from some Hindu beliefs, the human race is also equated to Shiva the Destroyer, whose task is to destroy creation... A race of voracious and feisty omnivores which are having a blast and don’t mind wrecking the joint they are partying on.
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