C. G. Gardiner, author of Melting Pot Blues, returns to the literary world with another provocative play, A Matter of Perspective. In this work of fi ction, the pervasive issue of racism will be examined in the light of eight seemingly different people’s experiences and convictions.

In the bustling metropolis of Washington D.C., Margaret Taylor, Ruth Orenstein, Gerri Anderson, John Miller, Willard Johnson, Leslie Perkins, David Powell and Alvida Hepburn are called together to serve jury duty. The case involves a young black man who was arrested by two white policemen a year earlier. The circumstances surrounding the arrest seem dubious and as the jurors deliberate, old fears and deeply-rooted prejudices are gradually brought to light. The searing dialogs of the intensely characterized men and women add fuel to the tension-ridden plot and help move it to the shocking finale.

Insightful and at times controversial, A Matter of Perspectiveb dares its readers to confront their own biases while delving into the moral dilemma at the crux of the book.
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