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This collection of poetry is a reflection on life. I created some of these from the age of 10 up to my current age; 20. I am aware that my naivety to some issues may be reflected in the meaning of some of the poems, but it is this naivety which propelled me into mastering the art of poetry and understanding how a few words can change someone’s life. I hope that this book will leave you questioning something about your life; and from that question you will find the answer.

Inspirations link to Shakespeare, Duffy, Byron & Keats. These literature legends to me captivate everything there is to the art of the English language; the pronunciation of words, the ambiguity to a sentence which can catapult any emotion at any time and finally the linguistically beautiful style to which you read them. Through manipulating my emotions and views of life from a young age I feel I have been able to pen poems which are relevant and hard hitting.

I find that if your own work can move you to tears or laughter; then there is a gem which needs to be discovered. This book highlights issues which the media tip-toe around; child abuse, murder, reasons for war, social mobility, ethnicity, sexuality and rape. However; this book also looks at the highs of society, love, personal wealth, joy, success and acceptance to our own faults.

I am grateful to this collection even though I created them as I feel deep down they created me. The messages in the book will allow you as the reader to become inevitably the writer; possibly wanting to indulge to the point you feel this is aimed at you. Many poems in this collection have totally different styles, meanings and impacts to the last. Although this may not be considered the most consistent of reads; I have purposely created an ecliptic collection which reflects the constant changes of life. This is a somewhat biography of the evolving world as I grew in it; I strongly feel this has never been done and as I read them, I can see how I have strengthened as an individual in society.

‘The Child’ & ’My Hero’ are two of the poems I created when I was 10 years of age; the first one has always been considered as a reflection of my life; however it is the opposite. Even at that age I was able to put myself into another’s situation and saw a poem being penned which I would always look back on to draw inspiration. ‘My Hero’ was dedicated to all those who have lost their life trying to create a better world; not necessarily in the war.

This book is strong minded and hard-hitting. I am very certain of myself and this is dominant in the poetry. This strength creates what others may not feel comfortable reading but deep down know that these issues exist and will carry on existing unless real action is taken.

A mixture of political and emotional subjects; and sometimes both inter-twined; this book is aimed towards anyone in the general public. However, the subjects may not be apparent to everyone as some are representative of my age and not of my surroundings.

Overall; I hope that the reader gets the satisfaction reading my poetry as I did writing it. The magic of poetry I feel has faded greatly within education and possibly society. I feel that the national curriculum needs to establish a better way of understanding what hundreds years of poetry has given us to date. I believe in myself as a poet and as a person; but most importantly I believe in this book as a collection of great poetry which I know will leave you wanting to read more.

Thank you for taking the time to read this descriptor and I hope you enjoy the book.


Andrew Collins.
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ISBN: 9781465304124
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