This story describes, in considerable detail, the enhancements that were built into the DNA of the New People that were produced. A major enhancement is the ability to communicate by telepathy.
Many people believe that we all have some telepathic ability built into us. There are countless examples of this in our everyday lives, and in this story, examples are given as well as a rationale for the emergence of this ability. Our problem is that the ability in most of us is undeveloped, largely because we don’t, in our formative years, need it.
Some of us, who grow up in an environment where there is a real need to negotiate for our success and survival, do develop this ability. This may be why many such people are so successful in later life, since they seem to know better than others what is going on in another’s mind, and act on that knowledge. The great business men, political leaders and others whose success depends upon their ability to sense the minds of their audience are good examples.
In this story the need arose to separate what the characters were saying out loud from what was being transmitted by telepathy. To make it clear to the reader the convention has been introduced in which telepathic transmissions are written in italics.

May 2012
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