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Weird Tales #360

Length: 114 pages


Weird Tales #360 is a special Elder Gods issue, featuring creepy new stories by many horror & dark fantasy luminaries, including:

Brian Lumley - "The Long Last Night"
Michael Shea - "Momma Durtt"
Michael Reyes - "The Darkness at Table Rock Road"
Darrell Schweitzer - "The Runners Beyond the Wall"
Matthew Jackson - "Drain"
William Blake-Smith - "The Thing in the Cellar"
Parke Godwin - "To Be a Star"
Jessica Amanda Salmonson - "The Empty City"
.....& many more!

As if that isn't'll also find a Ray Bradbury tribute, with rare fiction, poetry, and non-fiction about Bradbury:

"The Exiles" (original version), by Ray Bradbury
"My New Ending to Rosemary's Baby," by Ray Bradbury
"Personal Memories of Ray Bradbury," by Marvin Kaye
"Remembrance," by Ray Bradbury

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