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Bring Out The Man In Your Man
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Are you feeling frustrated and want your man to "step-up" and be more of a "man"?
Do you want him to communicate better and be more attentive, playful and sexy?

If you are a woman who wants her man to be more of a man (whatever that may mean to you) then this book is designed to guide and instruct you on how to obtain the outcome you want.
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Bring Out The Man In Your Man - Peter & Christine O'Neill

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Chapter One

What is a REAL MAN anyway?

Ask 100 women and you’ll probably get a variety of different answers to this question. As a woman, you probably have your own image of what a real man is. It might be someone like the actors Hugh Jackman, Tommy Lee Jones, George Clooney or John Travolta. You can see their manliness and smell their pheromones just by saying their name. You could easily imagine what they would say and do if you were in a crowded bar and they were interested in seducing you.

It’s easy to recreate the romantic and lustful feelings when you want isn’t it? The same thoughts can be directed towards your partner - but only if you choose. Think back to the things you said and did to each other when you were together in a loving space. If you still really care about your partner, you have the ability to recreate the relationship you once had and possibly make it even better.......

Women sometimes marry with the thought that they can change their partner or tweak the things they don’t like. Is this unrealistic? It is fine in the beginning, the so-called ‘honeymoon period’, but when the same annoying behaviour persists over time (even years) without productive change, women often throw their hands up in the air and cry, I give up. It’s easier to train a monkey. I might as well do things myself.

Here’s my take on the definition of ‘a real man’.

He’s certainly not an aggressive alpha male who dominates, controls, supresses or embarrasses his woman.

I believe being a real man is someone who:

• has good positive energy.

• shows he really cares about you and your family.

• has a good awareness of who he is and what he wants to do.

• is totally trustworthy.

• has a good sense of humour (makes you laugh often).

• is very sane and logical.

• can take charge when required.

• willingly gives you complete freedom and independence as a person.

• is able to take risks (and does).

• has a low fear factor and lives in the moment.

• is able to clearly articulate what he likes and dislikes.

• enjoys communication with you on variety of topics.

• knows how to look after himself.

You can always encourage your man to bring out his wild side through appropriate sports like boxing or vigorous exercise at the gym, cycling, swimming etc. (just try to ensure it does not take him away from you for too long.....).

Get him to recognize that it’s OK to have a Wildman there, but to use his wild energy and highly charged emotions effectively and to channel them appropriately. Regularly encourage him to do blokey things!

I can assure you that you don’t want your man to be too reasonable, too accommodating, too sensitive, too nice, or too agreeable. They are lovely traits in their right place (at the right time) but only to a point. The problem is - that point (from a man’s perspective) is sometimes very difficult (or impossible) to define.

Most women want a good and loving man (as well as a bad boy!) but they don’t want any ugly traits. Guess what? You can’t have the good and the bad without the ugly rearing its head occasionally - so if you’re not prepared to accept this, don’t go there.

However, a woman who is strong enough to accept this challenge will be well rewarded with a man who is much more aware of:

• being masculine,

• taking charge,

• being a good leader,

• being more assertive,

• being more decisive,

• being compassionate,

• being considerate,

• being self-confident and

• being very happy

An analogy can be seen with the male lion. While the female is obviously strong and