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Threefold Enlightening: Universal Spirituality beyond Beliefs By the age of 11, Ajnanda had lost the most important people in the world to him – his parents. Then it was just him and his elder sister who had to fend for themselves, though illness soon debilitated her for decades. As a result of this loss and trauma, Ajnanda began a 30 year quest to find an answer to the pain he had suffered. He found the solution after unearthing ancient practices that led to key realizations: Sometimes the most tragic stories in life teach us about the most beautiful things in life…For ultimately this led to the discovery of Threefold Enlightening, a universal, timeless spirituality across faiths, realizing boundless Love, Awareness & Being. In this book, Ajnanda lays out numerous spiritual insights, including:• The threefold nature of your brain's physiology, your inner experiences, the ego and holistic liberation.• The threefold, universal core within many spiritual and religious traditions across the world including Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, the Yogas, Hinduism and even Advaita (Non-duality).• Why Threefold Enlightening needs no faith and how it works in real life. • The eternal mystery of how the universal trinity work as one.• How the limiting belief in a separate spiritual self manifests in 10 spiritual identities.• How the Now differs from realizing spiritual Awakening and Threefold Enlightening, but often precedes them.• How free will and fate merge.Based on the ancient and timeless wisdom in all traditions, the book offers the reader many benefits, including:• Discovery of the 8 specific degrees of spiritual realization from initial search to universal liberation• How Threefold Enlightening of boundless Being, Love & Awareness can be triggered• A decrease of mental confusion, anxiety and stress of one's spiritual direction• The foundations for understanding freedom from unhappiness.
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