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Sarah Hewett, a young girl, grows up under very strange circumstances. These circumstances are never questioned because as a child she considers this to be the normal way of life. Later in life, as a young adult, Sarah begins to question many aspects of her life. She discovers bizarre facts about her parents and her ancestry. The male members of the Hewett family had been the leaders in a small town in Georgia for centuries past. This new found information leads her on a journey across the country. Sarah traces her history to the far away origination of her ancestral past. The horror of her findings leads her to the Deep South, and to a place that has remained undiscovered and untouched for hundreds of years. The shocking findings leave Sarah teetering on the verge of insanity. What she finds is both terrifying, and dangerous. An accidental occurrence leads Sarah to stumble upon the horrendous and repulsive facts and obsessive actions of her ancestors. The small town is fearful of the Hewett name even to this day and the Hewett properties are thought to be haunted. She finds herself lost and trapped in a place where no one has any idea where she is. Her findings will forever be remembered and documented as the most horrendous aspects of the Hewett reign of terror on a small southern community. This reign of terror and control can be dated back for hundreds and hundreds of years. Sarah is one of the last surviving Hewett’s, a name that represents terror, great fear, dominating control and greed to a small Georgia community.
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