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There is a war going on in the Christian realm, and conservative churches across the nation choose to ignore and avoid; hoping the turmoil will subside, if we just pretend it does not exist. Christian Divorce Wars is a book written from the heart of a woman, once ripped apart by the ravishing of a divorce war that left her and her children trapped in a dug out of despair. Although not a biographical portrait, the book gives the reader a glimpse of the hurt and desperation of the wounded soldiers caught in this often overlooked war, which rages within the walls of the sophisticated church.

The reader is taken on a journey from Genesis to Revelation, and given an introspective view of God’s most treasured creation (man and woman), and why he looks with tear swelled eyes on parental disputes, and the children caught in the crossfire. The reader is also given a scope of how divorce has corralled its way through God’s Bride (the church), leaving a trail of emotionally dead soldiers in its tracks. The book is chock-full with research that brings one to the conclusion, that divorce is an epidemic, easily spread as the church continues to overlook the signs and symptoms.

The book reveals the Biblical counselor as the assistant necessary to bring the divorce war to a screeching halt, when sought after by soldiers in the heat of the battle. The reader is given a panoramic view of God as healer, forgiver and friend, who while looking at the divorce decree, slams the gavel of His Word declaring “Divorce Denied”!
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