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They are waiting for you – but who exactly are they and why are they waiting? What do you have to do in order to make your products desired and sought after? If I were to briefly say what the book is about then I would say that it is about the link between expectations and promises and about how to establish that link.

As people always have goals, they must also have means of achieving those goals. This is exactly why people need more brands than there are brand owners. In that case, why not help them spend their money? However, when you promise something you create expectations. Ideally, promises would exceed expectations, but your promises will always pass through a prism of stereotypes, myths and consumer experience which refracts them like rays of light. What will the consumer see at the end? Will he buy from you? Will he come back again? Will he be loyal to you and why?

I have no idea how readers will perceive what I have written. Will they like it? Does it bring up any new ideas? Will it become a guidebook? Of course, praise from friends does not count, but sometimes when mulling things over, I go back to the book and I always find something valuable in it.
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