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At the age of 21, Rose Wallace, has already gone through so much in life.
She has lost her heart’s desire A.K.A First Love and has been stalked by a
mad man that’s out to get her at any cost A.K.A Him. She is now forced to
injure a relationship that she would do anything to get out of but she can
never seem to muster enough courage to stand up to Him, as she is broken
and has no self-respect anymore. She doesn’t have the strength to get out
of bed some days let alone fight the Devil himself.
Rose thinks her life is as bad as it can possible get, but as her story begins
to unfold she realises, rock bottom, she is nowhere near it yet. However she
does reach rock bottom eventually and it’s at this point that an important
decision has to be made. She either has to fight to win her life back or
give into evil?
Can happily ever after happen to someone who seems to be cursed? Can
trust in life and love be regained after so much tragedy? Only time will
reveal its secrets?
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781465351401
List price: $14.99
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