A Sublime Tale of Unnatural Events
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A Sublime tale of Unnatural Events.

The Internal world of Marjoram Maple is stretched beyond the boundaries of her imagination as she with her brother Jack are caught in a supernatural event brought about by a fiery visitation to their family home.

This mythical adventure begins when Jack appears one morning with a strange ring of fire around his head. This fire seems to bring to life and release the energy of inanimate objects including a group of sunflowers that are the subject matter in one of their mother’s (Marigold Maple) paintings. This group of sunflowers leads the two teenagers on a spiritual journey.

The main characters are the eccentric Maple family. They have four daughters who are named after botanicals, (Marjoram, Geranium, Rosewood and Lavender) and a son called Jack. Marigold the mother is a painter of flowers and Big Red the father is the local fire chief. It is set in a small mountain village called ‘Wonder’.

The story is made up of a series of visual vignettes as they embark on a journey into a heavenly realm and there they meet a series of characters who serve as metaphors for supernatural beings.

Intervention by these supernatural beings bring the whole family together in an adventure of mythical proportions where they discover that they have been charged with a mission: to return to their home town of ‘Wonder’ and rescue the dragonflies who are the warrior guardians of the town, and have been taken captive by a deadly ‘shadow’ that is intent on destruction. In their adventure they discover ‘Dandelion,’ a supreme being, who is the source of life on earth. The family is accompanied in their battle by a group of violets from Dandelion’s armed forces, and a host of spiritual beings known as ‘Thingamys.'

This story is a celebration of creativity, diversity and moral fortitude against a backdrop of more serious issues that young people face in a sometimes unjust world.
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