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Together, Chin-Sun, we made it!Baby, pack your suitcase! I’m taking you for the ride of your life. We are flying to Ottumwa, then Macao, and back to our beautiful home in Silicon Valley.To the “popular” girls who made fun of me in high school, you missed out!For the anti-socialists (i.e. the nerds, computer geeks, and the so called “losers”) don’t worry because in my story, the nice guy finishes first. I’m living proof! For the dumb women out there like my stupid sisters who continue to date jerks, read the second part of this story carefully. It’s your life: Don’t settle for someone who is settling for you!To the media reporters who never wrote about my games… you should have seen my greatness when I was a nobody. Haaahaaaa, now you send emails to my company, requesting exclusive content of our games. Nope, sorry, you’re getting nothing! I am sticking with the small media outlets, because they supported my work from Day One. I will help them grow, not you! For once, know what it feels like to be rejected.Success is the best revenge.
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