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South Texas rancher Buck Stabler has had enough. The International Small Arms Treaty, which has been passed by the U.S. Congress and has in effect nullified the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans, poses a direct threat to Stabler and his fellow Texans.
Homeland security tries to arrest Stabler at his ranch for violating the new anti-gun provisions, but instead Stabler kills the agents and escaoes to Mexico. Buck and his organization use this incident to escalate their plan for Texas to secede from the union and form a new nation.
But it doesn't come about without a price in blood .Enemies abound and ruthless drug cartels as well as loyal U.S. military contingents must be subdued in order for the new nation to become a reality. Throughout the action, however, Buck Stabler's newfound romance with the enchanting Mexican brothel proprietress, Mira Segura, develops into a strong and powerful love.
The new nation is founded upon radical new concepts in economics, religion and philosophy and enters the new age ready to provide a brave new world for its' citizens.
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ISBN: 9781483669724
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