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The story has been told by Red Beard for many years about how one Christmas as Santa was checking his final plans for the big trip on Christmas Eve he find's out all his Raindeer are so sick they can't fly ! As Santa walks around North Pole Village thinking of some way he can deliver all the toy's the Elf's have been making all year. Suddenly Santa hear's a rumbling noise like thunder ,but it does not rain at the North Pole so Santa follows the rumble till he gets to Red Bread's Shop and walk's in . Inside he find's Red Beard and some of the other local biker's working on his bike. After talking for awhile it comes to Santa how he can still deliver all the toy's around the world tonight ,but it will take the help of Red Beard and his guy's to make it work ! As they all gather at the Toy Work Shop with their motor cycle's Santa tell's his plan .As the Elf's hook-up the bike's to Santa's Sled and load all the toy's up , Santa show's how the bike can fly and with Red Bread's help they were able to SAVE CHRISTMAS !
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781466995864
List price: $3.99
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