Enough of the dead ends, which way should I go?
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God desires all men to receive His salvation and to grow spiritually so they can reach their destiny which is being transformed into the image of Christ. But many people including Christians do not know how. ‘For lack of knowledge my people perish’ says the LORD. Those who do not know the word of God suffer much at the hands of the devil, yet likewise Christians who know the word of God but do not understand it suffer as much as those who does not know the word at all. Many Christians, though saved, are not growing because they failed to grasp with understanding the elementary workings of God at the point of their initial salvation. These elementary workings of God at initial salvation are the same elements required for continued growth of all believers. This book therefore brings to light knowledge that will better lead people seeking after their initial salvation and spiritual growth from then on. The intentions of this book are that people would gain understanding and refrain from and rebuke the frustrating failures conceived by futile practices conceived from error understanding. The way to God is simple really if you understand how, therefore the hope intended is that in gaining understanding the reader will redeem time and begin to invest in ways that will see them receive the promises of the word of God, so that they may have fullness of joy and glorify God.
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