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Take an Australian family, relocate them to the French Rhone Alps for work with the UN, add a language barrier and a few huge cultural differences and you have a recipe for disaster!
Like a French menu “Life on Planet France” comes with a side serving of French school teachers who roll their eyes at you and swear at their students. There is an eccentric landlord who wears a lab coat and safety goggles when mowing the lawn and French Firemen who in a state of drunkenness battle a giant wasp nest.
The entree involves French language lessons that are enjoyed as much as Escargots on a child’s dinner plate. The main is a tantalising exchange of rather nasty instances with French Authorities who would rather forgo their steak tartare if eating it means helping a foreigner get a visa. And finally there is dessert; it’s a seductive and aromatic Frenchman who smells and tastes better then a crème brulee or chocolate soufflé.
Life on Planet France is a true story of a family living in the French countryside. It is riddled with obstacles that seem infinite and from the beginning it appears that forces beyond their control are determined to destroy the family’s dream of permanently living abroad. Especially when one of them ends up in a Swiss hospital fighting for their life after a serious accident.
This travel narrative is enriched with clever antidotes, insightful information and some really entertaining and touching moments.
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