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What if you woke up to discover that you’re not who or what you think you are?

In a world where most people define their reality by what is tangible, Ashanti remembers a world beyond.

As the life she knows comes crashing down around her, an inter-dimensional portal opens up to reveal a realm of sacred codes, mysterious inter-galactic beings, super human feats and a love that has survived eternity.

Each and every step she takes is fueled with divine purpose, touching the lives of all who cross her path, leaving them changed forever.

The stage is set and the curtain is drawn to reveal a world where the lines between fiction and nonfiction are blurred, exposing the magic that is Ashanti’s Symphony.

Ashanti’s Symphony/ Reviews

I just finished the book 2 days ago...there are no words...the best book I have ever read, life changing, my world looks different now, more beautiful. Thankyou so much for your gift xxxxx

(Louise B)

Half way into your book and I've cried, laughed, smiled and felt every cell of emotions come to surface....touched the core of my heart.....I'm completely in awe.... I'm in the vortex and loving the journey!!! To say it's out of this world doesn't even cut's friggin brilliant!!! :)))) I love, love, love, love it... I want more!!!!! Xxxx

(Poppy D)

"In Lak'ech Ala K'in" has a powerful frequency! Last night it happened..the instant my eyes read this code in "Ashanti's Symphony" on my kindle, I felt my heart pound, followed by sobs and tears. I knew I'd been activated for my spirituality had been dimmed since my father passed 2 years ago, but I was also aware of Spirit's trust in my "Brightening its path" someday. Spirit does love unconditionally. Thank you Lenita Vangellis for your precious, creative and spiritual gift to humanity.


Thank you! Your book has been handed to me at a perfect time and for some reasons I understand and others I am yet to uncover. Your beautiful soul radiates and inspires. Thank you x

(Pauline G)

Namaste Lenita! I picked up Ashanti’s Symphony last night on the NEW Moon!

I couldn’t put it down! Even though I relate and understand absolutely every

word of it- it just captivated me! Especially that part of me that is here for all humanity! I stayed up late again (3am) reading...reading.....reading last night! Very hard to put it down!

This MasterPeace of storytelling will absolutely touch the hearts and awaken

all who are graced and guided to read it! Just writing to some friends today I described your inspiring work as thrilling... enthralling...captivating...mind expanding...elucidating and liberating! I really treasure the way you so cleverly weave the Universal principles through your dialogue!

A Master once told me to always wrap up the truth in a delectable wrapper and you have done it so adeptly!

This Masterpeace is a must for all the awakening neophytes out there and I will be networking it far and wide! Thank you for your Herculean efforts on behalf of this sacred planet we currently journey and reunite upon - to support all who seek the Light of reason!!

(Robin B)

I feel absolutely in awe of the synchronistic events that have led me to you and your beautiful book. I would like to express my gratitude to you for bringing this timely creative spiritual book to humanity. We are living in amazing magical times. Your Book is going to be a major catalyst to the next wave of awakening and expanding the human consciousness ... I feel this and your Love is already working it magic....the Butterfly effect.... my heart is expanding since reading only 1

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