Curing Cancer & Heart Disease
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Curing Cancer & Heart Disease
Proven Ways to Combat Aging, Atherosclerosis & Cancer

The present book has taken many years of dedicated work, backed up by a lifetime of high achievement.
It is likely to help a great many people take charge of their health by improving their diet, losing weight, quitting smoking, moderating alcohol consumption, exercising, relaxing more, and tailoring their diet and adding appropriate supplements to tackle aging, atherosclerosis, and cancer.
The diet and exercise plans are, of course, only examples, as are the extensive diet supplementation plans, and, at the outset at least, readers should focus on their primary health concern and then study the measures needed to deal with it.

This comprehensive book includes:
• Heart disease & cancer explained. A unified theory of heart disease.
• Diet do’s and don’ts. Quitting smoking. Red wine’s healthy procyanidins.
• Detailed diet & exercise plans. Diet analysis. Losing weight.
• The 10% fat calories diet to minimize risk of cancer & heart disease.
• Antioxidants to reduce combat aging, atherosclerosis, and cancer.
• Diet supplements to normalize cholesterol & homocysteine levels.
• Key mineral supplements, for example magnesium for variant angina.
• Megadosage, perhaps IV, retinoids and vitamins C & B17 to cure cancer.
An unsolicited comment on part of this important work:
”I have read your treatise on heart disease.
It’s genius. I am adopting it straight away.”

Dr Geoff Mohr, BE, MEngSc, PhD(Cambridge) wrote circa 60 papers for 20 journals. He has published 3 books: a trailblazing book on Finite Element Method (FEM) and PCs (1984), a major treatise on FEM (1992) widely considered “a megawork” and still used today, and recently The Pretentious Persuaders: A Brief History & Science of Mass Persuasion, on which industry comment has included: “A huge topic that must surely interest many people,” “Some provocative and timely issues,” and “A Theory of Everything.”
One eminent person called Geoff: “The greatest scientist in Australia.”
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