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Silence, Language, & Society
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This is a Vocabula Book. Silence, Language, & Society: A guide to style and meaning, grace and compassion is a formulary for reclaiming our sense of self through the careful use of the English language. This is a book about words and language and thoughts, how they intermingle, and their relationship with silence and society.

Along with the spate of mysteries, children's books, and romance novels, there is the occasional need for a book — even a small book — that does more than entertain. Silence, Language, & Society challenges you; it encourages you to think and to question.

This is a Vocabula Book. Most book publishers today are interested in and consider only narratives; they want stories that engross and entertain the readers, and that let them retire, however briefly, from the toil and tedium of their lives.

Silence, Language, & Society is episodic, and as such, encourages readers to pause between thoughts, and to think their own. Silence, Language, & Society is as captivating as a mystery, as elementary as a children's story, as rousing as a romance novel.

Silence, Language, & Society is a tale, half told, of the dissolution of society as reflected in the dissolution of language.
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