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It's not about you. So Get over it.
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This book has the potential to change lives, resolve anger
and resentment therefore giving you the chance to be
truly happy. Understanding why people behave the way
they do can open your world to forgiveness and free you
from the past.
The key to happiness is in understanding what makes us do the things we
do. “It’s All About Me” explains human nature to a tee. Everything we do,
say and think is based on our own fi lter system. Our own beliefs, values
and life experience create our unique fi lter system.
If you understand that one simple concept “it’s all about me” then you
will open your mind and your heart to allow people to be people. You
will understand and make peace with your past concepts of what has
happened to you.
This book is truly liberati ng. You can’t change the people around you
but you can change how you respond to the people and situati ons you
encounter on a daily basis.
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