These are two works of fiction that have a common statement, mainly that the human experience and the anomaly of life itself exists for a purpose, to discover God. The first story, The Red and the Green, takes a wild trip into the future where men and women are separated by a type of cosmic divorce. There are two gods that have created the human race and they are represented by the opposite colors: red and green. The author is summoned to this era through the touching of a fern and it is his duty to create a painting that will liberate one of the diseased gods.
The second story, The Last Tear, touches an archetypical myth of the lost goddess, Sofia, whom was ousted from Christianity; for in the early Gnostic teachings there was Sofia and Jesus in the more allegorical rather than literalist teachings. In this story a young woman gets thrown into this goddess-like existence after a car accident. She wanders around spreading the word of peace and salvation to anyone who is receptive enough. The world reaches a boiling point and an earth-destroying comet hits annihilating everything but the souls of the pure.
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