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In 2002, a neo-fascist party nearly seized control of the French government in an electoral shocker. The Mistral was conceived to expose the roots of that movement, which still exists today.

Noel Marquis, a beautiful young woman, is aided by Jean Francois, a former boyfriend; Father Routhier, a Catholic priest in the historic tradition of Cardinal Richelieu; and Lieutenant Flanagan, a retired detective in tracing her father's mysterious life through three decades and across two continents. But Noel becomes the target of a fascist killer when she unearths the conspiracy to murder her uncle and the attempted assassination of her father, Marius Marquis. With Noel's support, Marius can finally understand a thirty-year-old plot-the by-product of a political malignancy that caused his wife's death-and start on a journey that will transform his life.

From Algeria, the south of France, the United States, and Canada, The Mistral is a thrilling story of mystery, love, and international political conspiracy on both sides of the Atlantic.
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