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Virtually Incredible by Suzanne Grace

Length: 174 pages3 hours


What happens when virtual reality becomes reality? Frito Bowles, Darcy Gordon, Jim Sanderson, and Sammi Twitchell are four middle school kids who are looking for adventure! The construction of a new virtual reality gaming facility in an abandoned warehouse provides a common interest to forge an unusual friendship between them. Frito, an impulsive bundle of energy, Darcy, a nature lover, Jim, an intellectual with a bit of a temper, and Sammi, a slender tomboy, somehow manage to get along despite a rather rocky beginning. It seems to take forever until the gaming place, Virtually Incredible, finally opens for business with Frito and friends first in line to experience the adventures. But the computerized games are nothing compared to what they find deep within the old warehouse! Besides being a maniac who walks basically everywhere, often 40-plus miles a week, Suzanne Grace bakes decadently addictive brownies, paints in oils, and sometimes dresses up in medieval clothing. She loves to write, and has been writing since age twelve. Her literary endeavors have ranged from pun-filled poetry to musical melodrama, and now her scribblings venture into a new genre as her first book, Virtually Incredible, is released upon an unsuspecting public!

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