What would happen if a dog became a superhero? In this exciting middle grade adventure, Joe is a run-of-the-puppy-mill cocker spaniel who dreams of being special, but suffers with the curse of being average. He lives in the suburbs of Barksdale with his friends Elwood, a dopey mutt who looks like a genetic mishap, and Frank, a plump wiener dog. When the dogs devour heaping mounds of dog food that is laced with plutonium, their DNA evolves. Joe transforms into MegaDog, a superhero with a passion for funky music. Elwood mutates into Baywolf, a sleek black and white wolf with a hip-hop attitude, and Frank becomes a gadget guru. In a palatial penthouse in the Crump Tower, Mr. Wrinkles, a power-hungry shar-pei, and his assistant, Pavlov, a mastiff with a drooling problem, create dog collars that contain mind-control devices. Inciting a canine revolution, Mr. Wrinkles wreaks havoc across the country. MegaDog and Baywolf must stop Mr. Wrinkles before he takes over the world. Dale Alderman lives in Chantilly, Virginia with his wife, Starla, and sons, Chase and Logan. For 19 years, he worked as a marketing executive with major corporations including P&G and Accenture, then he decided to get a real life and become a writer. An award-winning author, Dale has appeared on FOX & Friends on the FOX News Channel and has appeared on many nationally syndicated radio shows. In his spare time, he avoids going to the gym, feeds his addiction to chocolate, watches movies with his kids, and spoils his golden retriever, Gracie.
Published: Lasaria Creative Publishing on
ISBN: 9780981836720
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