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Four years ago Drago gave up a successful career as an investment banker to publish a chain of small community newspapers in the suburbs of Boston. It was the first big active change of his adult life, but there was a bigger transition on the horizon. Now forty, Drago has become disillusioned with himself and the yuppie world around him and opts for a radical change. He makes the conscious decision to move himself and his Ferrari to the "hood", selling his posh condo and renting a condemned crack house, which he now calls home. It's here Drago meets and interacts with a variety of wild, over-the-top characters and where he'll ultimately find the one thing that has escaped him his entire life-True Love.
No Wife No Kids No Plan is a playful, comedic yet serious look at self-discovery and the human condition as told through the eyes of one man in the middle of his life. Drago's realization that his millions have done nothing to bring him happiness sets him on his journey to confront the modern epidemic of self-obsession and the compulsive pursuit of money, all while trying to shed his old ways in order to attain the woman he's fallen head over heels for.
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