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The year is 2015, and the public is saying, "Where are the physicians?" Also, they are complaining, "Why have my healthcare services become so difficult to obtain?" The problem? The private healthcare delivery system has been replaced by a National Health Service. There is a physician shortage, and many of those who have become physicians have not come from the best of our youth. In addition, curtailed health care services are necessary to pay the costs of the national, state, and local bureaucracies required to administer the government's National Health Service.

This book will have you rethinking healthcare's many economic and social problems, and how the introduction of, and subsequent misuse of, unregulated hospital and health insurance have created those problems. Also, you will understand how easily those problems can be solved by six changes in the existing private healthcare delivery system. Furthermore, you will understand why a regulated private healthcare delivery system must be preserved and you will understand the inherent dangers of allowing a National Health Service to become our country's healthcare delivery system.

This book will move those independent thinkers among the public and within the business community to become political activists. They will understand the necessity of preventing a government sponsored National Health Service from doing to our healthcare delivery system what the government sponsored Depts. of Education have done to our country's public education system.
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