They're cunning. They're street smart. They're anything but mundane. They're cynical towards religion. And they're flooding into our churches. How will we reach and disciple them effectively?
In a season many are calling another "paradigm shift" within the Body of Christ, there is an urgency to reach this modern/postmodern generation with a pertinent Kingdom gospel. We need to understand the secular culture from which they come; the new social challenges they face in today's world; which methods of evangelism are they most responsive to; and what effects and influence are they having on the Body as they come into the fold.
Here Come the Other Sheep is not simply another Generation X book. It is an evangelistic apparatus conducive towards creating dialogue amongst both the old & new schoolers within the universal church on both sides of the issue. Joe Busby invites you to delve into this impassioned discussion and to search the scriptures for answers and tools that will assist the Body in maximizing our Kingdom endeavors. Discover how to introduce this emerging generation to their need for the grace and love of Jesus Christ with the gospel message-a message that is always generationally and culturally relevant.
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