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Fearing for the lives of his family, Mihaly Borbely, a Christian reporter, former partisan, and anti-fascist living in Communist Hungary during the 1950s, confesses to a crime he did not commit.

Borbely escapes execution and is sentenced to only six years in prison, but he soon learns that the relatively short sentence is no reprieve and certainly no blessing. He's forced to witness murders, rapes, and other violent acts.

All the prison crimes go unreported, and virtually every act goes unpunished. It doesn't take long for Borbely to realize that in Hungary, anyone on the wrong side of Communism can become a political prisoner. Here, there is no justice.

But even under such terror, hope lingers. The prisoners plan a mass breakout to coincide with the Soviet Union's planned occupation of Yugoslavia. But the Soviet troops will pass right through the heart of the Hungarian countryside, where the prison is located. Even if the inmates can break out of the prison, they must avoid the Soviets at all costs.

In Out of Sight, Borbely goes on a whirlwind ride as he seeks to recapture his freedom, rejoin his family, and battle the sins of Communism.
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