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Parent Engagement Effects Student Drop Out
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Since becoming a teacher my interest was always to endorse dedication to students, and parents. Having parents visit the classroom is very important to grow and maturity of their children. Parent engagement emphases a positive academic growth for students.
It also gives support that all students need to perform at the top level. Students from my observation, with parents involved, students were very well behaved and ready to listen.
Involved parents should be familiar with the Principal, teachers and school staff. This is a way to assist parents and students to communicate with everyone connected to the school system. Teachers much make parents feel welcome into the classroom. Working as a team will allow all students to excel in their achievements. This is the first proposal to develop positive engagement for all connected to the children. Having a proposal or a contract signed by all is a good tool to consider in finalizing your bond together.
Since I was a Counselor and Social Worker before teaching, this allows me to work with problems outside of the classroom. On many occasions I could make suggestions to different agencies that were available to assist parents or extended family members if the need was presented. Anything that will help your students with problems is important for the better classroom performance. Students and parents are the two most important aspects dealing with education that teachers can possibly possess. They are the foundation for teaching and learning.
You must have both in order to give all students the best education possible. One of the most extraordinary experiences in my lifetime was to become and educator and work with students, parents with commitment and dedication for academic achievement. Students deserve to have parent engagement especially in the high schools in order to keep them from dropping out.
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