Why are there so many competing Christian churches in the world today? It is because men interpret the same passage of scripture and its terms in different ways. If there ever is to be a unity in Christianity it will require a unity of understanding the scriptures. It is our personal challenge in life to discover the truth of things. For all of us, the truth in religion isn’t necessarily what we expect, or want to find. But for those of us who will accept truth when we find it in the scriptures, it will be found in the definitions of the terms of salvation that are used consistently by the prophets.
We find on examination that the 'terms of salvation' in the Bible are fairly consistent in meaning throughout the book, even though the Bible was written by many different Prophets.
The Mormon religion claims to possess other books of scripture. This book also compares what is written in their books against what is written in the Bible, with very interesting results.
The reader from any religion will find this book a key to understanding the spirit of the Bible and the details of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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