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Poetry was just a strange characteristic I developed over time. My inspiration came from a host of poets, Iyania Vanzant, Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou, just to name a few. Being conscious of your work, and perhaps you really don’t feel that it will be amusing to the next person neither. I actually sat down and took the time to exercise this art long since loving and being excited by other poets. Without a doubt I’m hoping this simple collection of poems turns out to be someone’s favorite, although I’m just a beginner. Ideally I often tend to take ramble threw time an memories just to see what kind of a view it might bring. On the contrary Simply Poetry will be my second initial book of Poetry and hopefully the outcome will be outstanding. Made to be a firm believer by none other than the best, Xlibris Publishing Co. Itself time will truly tell if this collection of poems will be substantial, in that not on behalf of Xlibris and myself I bring to you Simply Poetry. It once was stated a lil while back by someone close to me that one day when I suffer more I really didn’t understand what that meant but now I know. Sometimes advice could be a key element to the development of your talent with the right coaching that talent is brought to the desire of the one who possesses it. So if you would please enjoy this selection its (Simply Poetry).
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ISBN: 9781483644660
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