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…cannot wait to return home to the peace and quiet of High Holborn, after desperate deeds in this backwater of Norwich. Life has been too exciting here. I had an overnight stay in the Castle prison -- a badge of honour for a Quaker thy father would say – thanks to an unfriendly judge. I was stunned out of my wits and thrown into the River Wensum by a man who is now a fugitive from the law. That same unfriendly judge fished me out of the river, so all is forgiven him. I have written to Wm. Scorby to reassure him about his daughter Alice’s good health. She is back working for Mrs. Varley, and is cleared of all suspicion that she tried to harm her. The true culprit is now proven to be Ambrose Flamborough, son of the Varley family lawyer. Bill need fret about Alice no longer. Thy term as sole High Potentate of Bowen & Sons is about to come to an end. Expect your brother and me late Wednesday. Thine affectionate Mother Ruth.
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ISBN: 9781490706832
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