A bully story from Author/Actor Cassius Ali

Tales of individuals who experienced bullying like Bronson who faced bullying around his home and school, with the threat of being hurt or worst and there’s Ebony who had to deal with bullying early in her third grade class room. Each story is very different because we don’t all make the same choices when we’re experiencing bullying. There is something to learn when you listen to another person’s story of being bullied. Notice what has been done to the poor victim’s that came before you, so you don’t sit and do nothing. Watch to see when we do the same things as a bully we become the bully. Bronson’s Journal starts with Bronson holding a gun that isn’t his to the head of a woman he doesn't know. While Ebony has family issues to deal with as her story begins. The art work for the book is done by a third grade young lady who aspires to be a great artist one day. The photography is done by me because I’m also a photographer, with a vision of passion and empathy for the world. I am the Author of two poetry books “The Last Word” and “Poetic Expression”. This book is written with that kind of flow as to express the story not just tell it. I write fact and fiction into everything I write. I have a goal to make you feel what I am saying. If you have a bully story of your own you’ll be sure to feel what I’m saying. You’ll also get to take a look inside of the journal Bronson is writing during the story. It will help you better understand what this young man was thinking and feeling throughout the story.
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