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A Special Box for Daddy
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A SPECIAL BOX FOR DADDY is a heartwarming story about a little boy, a military father, and one teacher who made the difference.

A father builds memorable moments with his son “Mateo” as he plays hide and seek, tag and other fun games with him.

Mateo was a happy boy until he faced the absence of his father. His father had left home and gone to the military. Mateo is left with unexplainable loneliness and sadness. He sits at the edge of his bed and cries every night for his father.

He copes by pretending his daddy is with him at school. After a few adventurous mishaps, Mateo’s teacher works with him in making a special box to store treasures for his father. This captivates Mateo’s interests and he forgets all about being mischievous.

Readers of all ages will admire the bond between a father and son and appreciate what one teacher’s idea does to help mend one little boy’s heart.

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A Special Box for Daddy - Terry Mapson

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