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A Children’s Guidebook

To promote reading, Building self-esteem and Decision-making ______________________________________________________

For Parents, schools, community organizations, social service agencies, libraries, bookstores and children who love to learn the Shaheana book is for you. As the clock continues to tick decisions are being made. Decisions are critical to the reactions we make. It’s also clear that we teach our children to think before reacting. Because decisions direct our path everyday and will be challenged by other factors and in some cases the lack of hope and belief we have in ourselves. This may result in poor choices.

Without hope and belief choices become extremely hard to make and without proper training or role models our children’s decisions will be impacted by these other factors. We as adults have to know the future of this country relies on the choices of our future leaders, our children.

Some early prevention and intervention methods that appear to be effective are in reading and training. The Shaheana book provides uplifting, motivating reading and worksheets to help promote reading, build hope, and teach the importance of thinking before reacting. Shaheana will instill positive values, develop character and provide a role model that children will be able to relate to.

Finally, children will be able to translate what Shaheana is teaching into everyday practical decisions they have to face when making critical decisions. Shaheana will take the children on a journey that will keep them thinking while learning to become productive good will citizens.

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