Open your minds; my adventurous readers, to the world of the count family of warriors. Their story begins in 1900, within a remote town;

Known as abandoned town, in Transylvania. Their lives engage as a result of all the children of the village being abandoned abruptly and mysteriously

by their parents, which eventually leads to every child living within the local orphanage being ran by three evil guardian nuns name Angeline, Victoria and

Magdalene, living within the orphanage among the children were two evil twins by the names of Allison and Amanda. These sisters

Were evil, deceptive and manipulative so they got along very well with the three evil nuns because they lived to taunt and sabotage their peers.

All The other children; who added up to eighteen, minus the evil twins suffered much mental and physical abuse at the hands

Of these three evil nuns.

The only support the rest of the children had within the orphanage was a good nun named Sister Kathleen; she also was despised and tormented

By the three evil nuns oftentimes Sister Kathleen would risk her own safety to protect the safety of the children in the orphanage. In many ways she felt

Responsible for their immense suffering, yet eventually throughout their menacing trials things began to look in favor for Sister Kathleen and the defenseless

Children of the abandoned town orphanage.

A mere bite; on the neck of the oldest child Shartise, before she and her siblings were captured and forced into

Living at the orphanage would later be revealed as the bite that could end all their misery as well as offer them eternal freedom,

But at what cost? From this point the mystery unravels; count Zairian surfaces to claim his bride and avenge his maker as the

Demeaned count Carrion lay in wait to avenge his son and claim his Countess and entire entourage. The plot thickens as the revelations

Take place of whom and what each child represents as a part of an immortal bloodline of vampires and vampire tresses. Their new

Identity waits to be discovered inside.
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