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Finding the humor in life is a skill honed and presented by Shirley Nicholson in Thoughts While Waiting in the Doctor's Office. In this collection of thirty-six essays and memoirs, Nicholson entertains by capturing the funny events in her life and through her observations.

From puberty to dating, from marriage to honeymoons, from housework to pets, Nicholson writes about these events with warmth. She pokes fun of her tooth fairy stint, her klutziness, and her parenting skills.

In "I Was a Teenage Car Thief!", she tells the story of inadvertently becoming a car thief when a salesman at her father's store gave her his car keys and permission to drive the car. She retrieved the vehicle from the location where she thought the salesman said he parked his car, drove it around town, and later returned it to the store's back lot. When the salesman left for the day, he returned and announced that the car parked in the back lot wasn't his. Without realizing it, Nicholson had stolen a car.

Laugh along with Thoughts While Waiting in the Doctor's Office as Nicholson reveals the day-to-day wit in her comic strip of life.
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