Lieutenant Gil Brian and Sheriff Adam
Locke, two lawmen in the late 1960s,
have a problem on their hands: two
people have been killed in a rural state
park in the deep redwoods of California.
And the only leads they have are some words
scribbled by one of the victims in a hospital.

The words appear to be related to an old
song. Seeking help, the lawmen find a
young music teacher and ask her to sing
the song and play its melodies. Their hope,
of course, is to uncover some sort of clue.

Meanwhile, a young Dave Keller arrives
from the east looking for work. A vineyard
owner hires him, and he soon forms a
strong bond with Lara, his employer's daughter.
When Lara inexplicably disappears after visiting
the home of a famous actor, Dave takes action.

In the background of all this lingers a man
named Darrow, who holds a mysterious blue
box given to him by his grandmother, which
holds special powers. Without his help, Lara
has no chance of being found, and the murders
will go unsolved.

Join Darrow as he calls on the mysterious
box to save Lara and unravel the mysteries
devastating northern California.
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